engine carbon cleaning machine
Combustion chamber
Cooling system
Brake system
Three way catalytic converter
Lubrication system
Intake valves
transmission flush machine
Our ATF-8100(transmission flush machine) can exchange gearbox fluid equally and clean the transmission system by the meantime.
Engine carbon cleaning
    Combustion Chamber
TD-501 and HHO-1500 are both used for combustion chamber carbon cleaning.
Brake fluid exchange and clean
         Brake system
Periodically changing Brake fluid can keep your car and the car owner safe.
Lubrication system maintenance
     Lubrication system
It is also important to maintain lubrication system. You may do not know lubrication fluid can be exchange.
Injector cleaning and testing
Our product FIC-601 can completely clean the injector and test it.  
Coolant exchanging machine
       Cooling system
Coolant is also needed to be changed for cooling system maintenance.
Chemicals for engine cleaning
        Catalytic converter
TD-501 engine carbon cleaning machine can clean the three way catalytic converter completely.
Special connector for cleaning different cars
           Intake valves
Our machine also can clean the intake valve of  engines.
Suitable vehicle types
transmission flush machine
car maintenance shop
         For Auto Care Shops
4S shop
                For 4S Shops
car repair shop
         For Auto Repair Shops
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