Shenzhen Zeayeto Technology Co., Ltd is a professional automotive dynamical system maintenance solution provider and manufacturer, which has been dedicating to engine carbon cleaning, engine flushing, catalytic converter cleaning, transmission maintenance, to revitalize your vehicles.

We mainly solve the problems of unstable engine performance, engine noise&vibration, cold start difficulty, engine power loss, high fuel consumption, excessive emission, high lubricant consumption, shift gear difficulty, transmission abnormal wear etc.


A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits is the new threat to vehicle performance



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  • What is engine flush?
    What is engine flush?Jan 16,2020
    The engine is called the heart of the car. Engine flush is essential. Comprehensive maintenance of the car can extend the life of the car and improve the overall performance of the car.
  • Carbon Deposits
    Carbon DepositsDec 19,2019
    Carbon deposition will greatly affect the performance of the car, leading to problems such as increased fuel consumption and excessive exhaust emissions. The latest HHO technology—SH2.0 HHO Cleaning Machine can solve this problem just in 20 minutes.
  • Beginner's Guide | How much do you know about car oil?
    Beginner's Guide | How much do you know about car oil?Nov 22,2019
    In the process of using engine oil, also the carbon deposits, we need to understand the basic knowledge. In the future, in the process of replacement, it is possible to avoid some misunderstandings, which is also a crucial part for us. Therefore, we should actively learn some relevant knowledge so that we can choose a more suitable oil and avoid problems as much as possible.

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Our company relies on its own R & D team to hold multiple patents, as well as core precision parts processing capabilities, complete assembly lines, ERP, CRM and other management tools and systems.

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