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What is engine lubrication system cleaning?

What is engine lubrication system cleaning?

Apr 11,2019

During the operation of the engine, deposits are easily generated due to the long-term working state of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the lubrication system should be cleaned as necessary to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system, thus extending the life of the engine.

We say that the oil is the "blood" of the car engine, and the engine lubrication system of the engine oil is to continuously deliver a sufficient amount of temperature-friendly clean engine oil to the friction surface of all the transmission parts while the engine is working, and on the friction surface. An oil film is formed between them to achieve liquid friction. Thereby reducing the frictional resistance, reducing the power consumption, and reducing the wear of the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the reliability and durability of the engine. Moreover, at this stage, no matter how high-tech engines, direct fuel injection, multi-point EFI, direct injection in the cylinder, it is impossible to achieve 100% complete combustion when the fuel is burned. If the combustion is not complete, it will be in the engine. The formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder affects engine performance over time. The removal of carbon is almost entirely dependent on the oil, so the engine lubrication system is critical to engine protection. How to properly clean the engine lubrication system? First open the hood and clean the dust near the engine oil cover. Unscrew the engine oil cap and pour the lubrication system cleaner. Tighten the oil cap, close the hood, drive the vehicle for 10 minutes at low speed or idle for 10 minutes, draining the old oil. Our Zeayeto dedicated LS-302 can help you solve these problems.

Engine lubrication system cleaning keeps the interior of the engine clean. The accumulation of charcoal, gelatin, etc. in the crankcase will increase the viscosity of the oil, increase the cold start wear, and severely block the oil passage. The oil additive is resistant to oxidation and can delay the growth of coke and other carbon deposits, thus keeping the engine clean and enhancing the lubricating properties of the oil.