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Cautions for HHO Cleaning Machine


    Cautions for HHO Cleaning Machine

    Update Time:2020/1/10

    1.  Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine should be installed on a clean and stable ground with good ventilation and heat dissipation

    2. This machine uses 220V or 380V power supply, please grounded properly

    3. Please treat the engine stalling with caution in the process of carbon cleaning. Please strictly follow the relevant items in the instructions, otherwise, it may be possible to lead serious consequences

    4. The connection length of hose between the installation position of Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine and the car should be less than 10 meters, preferably controlled at about 5 meters.

    5. Please make sure there is enough gasoline so that the car can idle for more than 30 minutes without stalling. Before starting to remove carbon, please confirm the car has no other faults (such as unstable idle speed, oil leakage, black smoke, abnormal engine noise, ignition system fault, injection system fault etc.)

    6. Do not use any solvent to wipe the machine

    7. It can do only one project at the same time, but we recommend cleaning the catalytic converter used frequently, it can be once one year)