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Increase in Car Aftermarket Share


    Increase in Car Aftermarket Share

    Update Time:2019/11/18

    In 2019, with the footsteps of the Internet and the automobile, the automobile aftermarket gradually showed a situation of “hundred flowers”.This trillion-level consumer market has ushered in the enclosure of traditional car companies and Internet giants. Traditional host manufacturers have achieved the coverage of the pre-market to the post-market through the opening of auto maintenance chain stores. BAT has gradually expanded to the after-market services of automotive products through e-commerce products in the automotive sector. More relevant industry data shows that the online penetration rate of the automotive aftermarket has reached 16.0% last year.

    This shows that the automotive aftermarket has great potential for development. In particular, car maintenance equipment, such as engine carbon cleaning machines, oil flush machine, and other automatic cleaning and testing equipment are more popular.