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Shenzhen Zeayeto Automotive Technology Co.,LTD is a high-tech automotive maintenance equipment manufacturer and exporter ever since 2013. The products apply to gasoline&diesel vehicle. It is widely used for maintenance of combustion engine, transmission, power steering, lubrication system, water cooling system, air conditioning system, brake system etc, which provide intelligent and convenient way in automotive aftermarket worldwide. We persist being the leading smart automotive maintenance solutions provider and manufacturer.


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HO-1500 HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine
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LS-302 Engine Flush Machine
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TD-501 Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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ATF-8100 Green gearbox intelligent oil changer
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ATF-8100 Transmission Flush Machine
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Lubrication system adapter Lubricating oil cleaning joint
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ABS-201 Brake System Flush Machine
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FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester
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  • New Products---Transmission Flush Machine with Zero Pressure
    New Products---Transmission Flush Machine with Zero Pressure
    With the development of the times, there are more and more car models. So more and more repair shops have introduced a series of automatic maintenance equipment such as automatic transmission oil changer in order to improve work efficiency. The Zero Pressure Transmission Flush Machine can solve some cars model that cannot change transmission fluid without pressure.
  • Technical talks with Korean customers
    Technical talks with Korean customers
    On July 10, 2019, representative of an import and export company from South Korea visited Zeayeto. The two sides had friendly exchanges in the company meeting room. At the meeting, the customer first watched the company's promotional video, and then the two parties introduced their respective company's situation. After preliminary understanding, the customer expressed their affirmation to the comprehensive strength displayed by our company.
  • The R&D Of Auto Mechanical Parts Cleaning Machine
    The R&D Of Auto Mechanical Parts Cleaning Machine
    Auto mechanical parts cleaning machine can solve the problem that the mechanic cannot clean some fine parts completely and it will take them a lot of time.

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