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Circulating machine change transmission oil malpractice? circulating machine change oil damage transmission?

Circulating machine change transmission oil malpractice? circulating machine change oil damage transmission?

November 21,2018

The disadvantage of changing the transmission oil of the circulator is that the use of the transmission oil increases and the cost increases accordingly, but it does not damage the transmission.The traditional manual change of transmission oil only replaces the oil in the oil sump of the gearbox. In fact, there is a part of the ATF inside the gearbox that cannot be removed. After replacement, only the new oil and the old oil are used together.

Using a loop machine replace ATF, it is the old oil absorption and inject new oil, the method of using pressure in new oil will be the old oil out, after replacement, can guarantee gearbox are new ATF inside, also can very intuitive see out equipment, can completely replace the effect, general use cycle machine replace ATF, new oil usage is a times more than traditional manual replacement.Although the cost increases, the effect is obvious.Circulator is a kind of circulating machine, which can dynamically replace the automatic transmission oil with the pressure generated by the machine. The oil change rate can reach over 90%. The operation process is simple, but it needs the support on the equipment.

A matter of fact, gravity oil change, oil change cycle oil change machine, no matter which way you use to do your car gearbox change oil, we all don't ignore the most important thing, that is not to wrong plus or disorderly and gearbox oil, there are all kinds of such cases: add stepless transmission (CVT) oil to the planetary wheel automatic transmission (AT) the box, the manual transmission (MT) oil added to the dual clutch transmission (DCT), and even add A DCT's oil to B DCT in the box.

When our gearbox goes wrong, many car owners' rights will focus on the manufacturing process or technology of the gearbox instead of reflecting on whether they have used the original manufacturer's designated special transmission oil according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.Some people think that as long as the automatic transmission, the oil is almost the same, which is also a myth.In recent years, the technology of automatic transmission has been updated continuously, some indicators have been designed more and more precisely, and the oil quality has also been specified. Our thinking cannot stay in the previous 4AT era.